Nichole Girard

Born in NY and raised in both NY and Portland, ME, Nichole grew up making things; sounds, art of different mediums and projects consisting of taking things apart and putting them together again. She graduated from Full Sail in Orlando, FL with degrees in Recording Engineering and Digital Media in 1999 and continued education with certifications for music production and user experience design. She spent time teaching college-level multimedia courses at Full Sail (Basic and Advanced MIDI, Web Design) and SAE-Los Angeles (Multimedia for Internet, Basic and Advanced Photoshop). 

Spanning the past 20 years (and throughout other life shananagins) she was a working DJ and dabbling electronic music producer, both of which remain active vocations. DJ performances include the US as well as Tokyo and Istanbul, and currenlty she runs a monthly Viva Recordings event with Viva founder Jon Lemmon (Cure and the Cause). She also works for non-profit Give a Beat as their DJ Workshop Program Coordinator, freelances as a visual design consultant and is trying to launch a training business specializing in TRX

Artistic influences come from all cities she’s lived in; NYC, Portland, ME, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando and now Los Angeles. Influences also stem from family background in New Orleans, LA which include her great uncle, trumpet player George Girard. He came up playing Dixieland in the heday of the New Orleans jazz scene and sadly passed at age 27.